Our Medical Center staff is well educated and well trained. Experienced doctors are always ready to serve the primary health care of needy people in the community irrespective of gender, age, color, religion, and disease stages. they take care of all kinds of diseases and health condition of all patients.

We believe in the World everyone have a right to live with the best health. Our mission is to invest in the health care providing services.

Our Specialist doctors are experts and trained to cure the diseases of their expert field. likewise, Cardiologist for heart disease, Gynecologist for female diseases, Orthopedic for bones, Neurologist for Brian diseases, Urologist for the urinary system, EN & T and many more

Our Physicians help to keep immunizing the system and help keep it up to date.

Most of the Physicians are M.B.B.S, M.D. general physicians are the first stop for medical care and if the condition is severe they would refer a patient to a specialist. Our doctors treat minor illnesses, will have scheduled checkups, and keep the track of medical records.

“Healing starts with a single act of kindness. Join us in making a difference, ”


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Other Medical Staff

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