Medical Staff:

General Physicians and all our staff doctors are always ready to serve the primary care of the community irrespective of life stages and ages. Our doctors are experts and trained to cure all kinds of health conditions. Physicians are responsible for all the decisions made about patients\’ care. Our Physicians help to keep immunizing the system and help keep it up to date.

Most of the Physicians are M.B.B.S, M.D. General Physicians are the first stop for medical care and if the condition is severe they would refer a patient to a specialist. Our doctors treat minor illnesses, will have scheduled checkups, and keep the track of medical records.

Specialists: We have specialty doctors who have been trained in the specific horizon of medicine. Our doctors are experts and experienced in their areas. The doctors are well trained and able to help the suffering patient to get better and get relieved from pain.

We have all the specialty doctors as follows:

Allergists: Our allergists or immunologists are specialists who are experts in analyzing, curing, and coping with severe allergies. Immunologists help to cure asthma, eczema, anaphylaxis, and rhinitis in children and adults.

Dermatologist: Our dermatologists specialize in curing diseases of skin, nails, and hair. Our dermatologists are trained to treat Skin cancer, acne, eczema, etc.  Our Doctors can recognize and diagnose around 3000+ skin-related diseases.

Dermatologists can perform the clinical process to remove the unappropriated and unwanted skin removal like moles or spots.

Infectious disease doctors: Our doctors are specialized in curing cellulitis, influenza, bacterial infections, Infections after surgery, tuberculosis, pneumonia, parasite infections, HIV, etc.  Our infectious and disease specialists can deal with complex infections and most of the doctors are well trained and experienced.

Ophthalmologists: our ophthalmologists diagnose and analyze all eye diseases. We provide free eye surgeries. Our doctors prescribe eyeglasses and lenses to correct eye and vision problems. Our doctors are specialists in performing surgeries and will see and take care of regular eye care. Your complex eye conditions could be treated with our help.





Obstetrician/gynecologist: Our Obstetrician and Gynecologists are specialize in female reproductive health. Our doctors are highly trained and have worked with pregnant women and are even proficient in delivering babies. Our gynecologists are helping many women in a wide range of conditions like Chronic pain and help to prevent Sexually transmitted infections (STIs). We provide many gynecological services with the help of all the advanced scanning, ultrasound, X-rays, etc. equipment.

Licensed Practical nurses: Our Practical nurses work under the supervision of RNs and they provide basic nursing and medical care to patients LPNs basically check blood pressure, insert catheters and help people bathe and keep them clean. LPNs report to RNs or doctors after answering the question being asked by people about their healthcare.

We also have cardiologists, neurologists, Cardiovascular/Thoracic Surgeons, Gastroenterologist, neurosurgeons, radiologists, and respiratory therapists.

Interns, Medical Students, and Residents: Our institutions as teaching hospitals and many licensed holder doctors who are engaged in further training after completion of their degree.

Nurses: We have Registered nurses, license practical nurses Serving 24/7.

Registered nurses: Our RNs are very caring and take care to give drugs and monitor and fulfill patients\’ physical and emotional needs. Our RNs note down all the changes a patient is undergoing. Our RNs are nurse supervisors. So they monitor, organize overall nursing care in our healthcare center.