We have a registered nonprofit organization, but we have not started taking donations yet.

We are investing our own hard-earned money for construction of medical center building and all accessories which is required for medical center / For healthcare facilities.

As we have started our medical center in a small building, but we have plan for a high level of healthcare facilities for poor and needy people.

We have already bought a land for this purpose, but still need to pay remaining balance to take possession of the land.

If generous people want to donate funds for this real good reason, they can write me an email directly or call me.

We even not have provided and linked our nonprofit organization bank’s account information at the website page.

Please contact me directly at 416 626 6777

or 416 731 7072 for more information.

Thanks for your positive thoughts.

Dr. Alia Nawaz

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“Healing starts with a single act of kindness.”