I am Dr. Alia, a highly focused, determined, enthusiastic, innovative qualified professional in scientific activities with more than two decades of consistent, valuable, and progressive experience in the multinational pharmaceuticals industry, educational and research institutes, universities, and colleges in different countries of the World.

 I am  Canadian Citizen, Toronto / Etobicoke resident, breathing in the fresh air in my Canadian home environment. Enjoy living and working with various reputable organizations in one of the best cities in the World.



I own multiple businesses and run all corporations efficiently, working as a corporate President, Chief Executives (CEO), Consultant, and Advisor for Businesses. Also working for Dr. Alia Healthcare Foundation.
Canadain citizen, President and CEO
Dr. Alia, Research Scientist.
Business Owner

I strongly believe in the importance of Education, that is why I never stopped learning, getting new education and technologies, using, and teaching them. My Education is mostly in Chemistry, Bio-Sciences, and Medical Sciences. That’s why I always talk about ‘Life’ and Life Sciences. Fortunately, I have experience and the expertise in relevant education, especially  Chemistry, Protein Chemistry and medical sciences.

Now, working on Dr. Alia Healthcare
Now, working on Dr. Alia Healthcare​
Dr. Alia Healthcare

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